Hazardous Materials Management

Knowledge is Savings...

When site redevelopment occurs on a property that has an old building or discarded waste materials, understnading the nature of those materials is critical to avoiding huge penalties by regulatory agencies, protecting human health and ensuring a smooth development process. GAIA is well-versed in materials characterization and handling and disposal requirements, and help clients manage and mitigate the risk from these materials.

Best management practices for risk associated with hazardous materials and hazardous waste is critical to ensuing workplace and public safety and regulatory compliance.

GAIA’s personnel have worked with both large and small companies to ensure compliance with hazardous material and hazardous waste regulations including treatment, storage, and disposal facilities. We have the expertise to conduct Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) inspections to ensure federal and state compliance and will work in close contact with facility personnel to create BMPs to maintain compliance. Our experience includes the successful characterization and disposal of hazardous materials, pumping unknown materials from underground storage tanks and arrangement of transportation and proper disposal of the hazardous waste.

GAIA can assist our clients in the proper maintenance of cost-effective procedures for the handling and disposal of hazardous materials and waste.

RCRA related services:

  • Hazardous waste stream identification and testing.
  • Waste characterization.
  • Arrangement for lab packing of off-spec chemicals.
  • Manifest preparation.
  • Arrangement and oversight of hazardous materials transportation and disposal.
  • State and federal RCRA pre-inspections.
  • Contingency Plan preparation.
  • Risk Management Report preparation.
  • Request for status changes.
  • RCRA Part A applications preparation.
  • Preparation and implementation of closure plans for treatment, storage, and disposal facilities.
  • Biannual hazardous waste reports preparation.
  • SARA Title III annual reports for Tier I and Tier II sites preparation.